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Through the eloquent telling of stories of ordinary people daring to speak out, fight back, and take action, Bill Cleveland shows us the most precious give innate in all of us—the power to imagine and create.

Lily Yeh, artist/founder - Barefoot Artists, The Village of Arts & Hunanities
Book cover image for Art And Upheavel

This book focuses on  exemplary arts-based programs that have had a significant and sustained positive impact on their communities. For the purposes of this inquiry significant and sustained positive impact is defined as change leading to the long-term advancement of human dignity, health and/or productivity. Long-term in this context is defined as a minimum of ten years.

Book cover for Making Exact Change

If a major shift in worldview is taking place, what role active might society’s arts and cultural resources (artists, arts institutions, and cultural creative’s) play?  Interviews posing these questions show how people in the field of art and philanthropy are thinking differently, and equally important, they show how leaders outside our field are thinking about arts and culture differently and asking tough questions that we all should ponder.

Judy Jennings, Executive Dir. Kentucky Foundation for Women
book cover for between grace and fear

Bill Cleveland has crafted a work of art in this book. Not an object that that you hang on a wall of place on a shelf, but a piece of process art that you can take into the streets and use to change the way people live their lives... Art in Other Places reminds me of why I am in the arts.

Robert Lynch, President and CEO, Americans for the Arts.
book cover for art in other places
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