Research and Evaluation

Over the past two decades the Center has provided a wide range of research and assessment services to  arts organizations, local and state arts agencies, schools, criminal justice agencies, municipalities, and philanthropic organizations.

SELECTED RESEARCH (Blue highlighted titles are available for download)

2008    A Study of the McKnight Foundation’s Arts Program, McKnight Foundation, Minneapolis, MN

2007    Core Arts 2001-2007: A Comprehensive Study of Art Programs for Adjudicated Youth in Mississippi, Mississippi Arts Commission, Jackson, MS.

2005    Making Exact Change: A Study of Ten Exemplary Arts-based Community Development Programs, Art in the Public Interest, Community Arts Network

2003    A National Study of Interdisciplinary Arts Programs, McKnight Foundation, Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis, MN

2002    An Assessment of the Jackson County Children’s Coalition Youth Arts Program, Mississippi Arts Commission, Jackson, MS.

2001    Continental Harmony: A Study in Community-Based Arts, for the National Endowment for the Arts, American Composers Forum and Rockefeller Foundation

2001    An Evaluation of the Core Arts Program for Adjudicated Youth, Mississippi Arts Commission, Jackson, MS.

2001    A Study of Model Community Arts Programs, Howard County Arts Council, Ellicott City, MD

1999    A Comparative Study of National Composer Service Organizations, American Composers Forum, Minneapolis, MN.

1999    Creating a Community Art Training and Support Program for the Pittsburgh Region: A Feasibility Study, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Heinz Foundation, Pittsburgh, PA.

1996    An Assessment of the Arts Programs of the McKnight Foundation 1990–1995, McKnight Foundation, Minneapolis, MN.

1995    A Study of Options for California Composer Assistance, American Composers Forum, Minneapolis, MN.

1994    A Comprehensive Arts Education Feasibility Study, Kalamazoo County Intermediate School District, Kalamazoo, conduced with AMS Planning and Research