Improving Management

To achieve stability and growth the arts community must look beyond its own boarders for innovative ideas for moving, marketing, and communicating. CSA&C works with clients to:

  • Plan and Prepare for the Future: CSA&C works with communities and organizations to revitalize their missions and prepare for the future. We help clients develop a strategic plan that is efficient, uncomplicated and most importantly, easy to use. 
  • Provide Project Design and Management Services: CSA&C will assist clients as they develop and administer new or expanded programs. We have extensive expertise in the areas of Arts Education, Arts in Communities and Social Institutions,  Art-based Community Development, Arts Residencies, and Advocacy.
  • Assess Quality and Effectiveness: The Center provides objective evaluations of, and research on management, program, funding and communication systems with a particular focus on arts-based community development.  We have Our experience will help us quickly access an organization’s options, prepare recommendations and provide follow-up and feedback on implementation.
  • Facilitate Teamwork and Communication: CSA&C provides clients with the benefits of an experienced group facilitator to assist with group planning, team-building, and leadership development. We have extensive experience using Open Space Technology as a tool for effective group collaboration and decision making.