Developing Community Arts Partnerships

To thrive, the arts must play a larger role in the complex and changing landscape of American community life. CSA&C works with clients to:

  • Plan for the Future: The Center works with arts organizations and local arts agencies to plan across community sectors to create new partnerships between the arts and the business, government, education, health, public safety and human services sectors.
  • Establish Arts-Based Collaborations: CSA&C provides expert guidance on the development of successful artistic, funding and political strategies for creating joint projects between and among artists, arts organizations and prospective community-based partners.
  • Assess & Learn from Partnerships: CSA&C conducts project specific evaluations of residencies and other arts based collaborations in schools, criminal justice agencies, religious institutions and community and social institutions.
  • Apply Arts-based Strategies in the Broader Community: CSA&C works with government and members of the business, education, health and human services, and philanthropic communities to develop, implement and assess arts-based community partnerships and projects.