Center for the Study of Art and Community


The Center for the Study of Art & Community believes the time is ripe for creative pioneers. The building of sustainable creative communities and organizations must be undertaken by citizens and institutions with enormous energy and imagination.

CSA&C is an association of creative leaders from business, government and the arts who have succeeded in building bridges between the arts and a wide range of community, public and private sector interests.

We assert that the future health of our communities will demand an expanded role by artists and cultural institutions at every level. Schools, factories, jails, symphony halls, neighborhood associations, senior centers, unemployment offices, and every other place imaginable offer opportunities for new cultural partnerships.

At a time when many of our most valued cultural institutions are at risk, CSA&C is working to establish new working relationships between the arts and the broader community. We believe the arts can only flourish when the power of the creative process becomes a vital and accepted part of all aspects of community life. For general information about the Center's services please see: CSA&C Overview

The Center works with clients to: